The flanges are used for coupling the gearbox to another body, in turn fitted with a flange, to make a “flanged coupling”.
If direct coupling with an electric motor is required, the flange is located on the input side of the gearbox and is called the PAM (Motor Connection Ready) flange.
PAM flanges can be B5 or B14 (smaller and more compact than the B5).

The flanges are used for coupling the gearbox to another body, in turn fitted with a flange, to make a “flanged coupling”.
When the flange is attached to the side of the gearbox on its output side, we call it the output Flange; these flanges are used to secure the gearbox to the machine’s frame or to other parts of the machine.
The types of output flange in the Sati range are detailed in the catalogue.

In order to offer a product that is easy to install, needed to further reduce output speed, we provide a range of pre-stage units composed of four sizes 063 071 080 and 090 with the following characteristics:
– casing in die-cast aluminium
– integrated input and output flanges
– compact size
– life lubrication with synthetic oil
The helical gearboxes are supplied only in the PAM version because the pre-stage acts, to all practical effects, as an input reduction stage, in the same way as a mechanical transmission, so that the usage of an input transmission is meaningless.

In order to offer a versatile product that is easy to install, Sati offers combination kits that make combining two gearboxes fast and easy.
The kits consist of a combination shaft and a combination flange.
All the details regarding dimensions are given in our catalogue.

The shafts are parts of the gearbox that define its axes, bear the loads via bearings and on which are formed the different axle rotation speeds.
They are cylindrical and made of hardened steel.
Sati offers its customers the opportunity to purchase single and double solid output shafts as accessories.
These are output shafts that therefore rotate at a lower speed and transfer this motion to the application.
The single ones are solid shafts that come out from one side only of the gearbox; the double ones have a double stand-out and therefore come out from both sides of the gearbox.

Torque arms, made of galvanized sheet metal, can be supplied when the application requires shaft mounting and they are used to enable cushioning the loads. These devices are fitted at the anchor point of the anti-vibration bushing with a swing damping function (included in the supply as of size 40).

When, in the couplings required by the application, the diameter of the gearbox is different to that of the drive shaft to be coupled, it is useful to insert a shaft sleeve on the motor shaft so as to bring its diameter to the desired size. Sati supplies the shaft sleeves together with their respective keys and the available sizes are given in the catalogue.

The wide range of accessories supplied by Sati also includes hollow shaft cover kits that are used to close the open body parts of the gearboxes such as the areas where the solid shafts are not placed but which require an opening for assembly, disassembly and maintenance requirements.

Assembly versatility and flexibility is one of the actual strengths of this range. The output flanges can be mounted on the right or left side of the gearbox output; you can see the number and dimensions of the available output flanges on the specific catalogue pages for each single size.